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Having a website of its own was a dream for the school and its students. This thought was in the minds of the alumni members for quite some time. Infact the alumni members discussed this a year ago and were all set to develop a site for the school. But it was really difficult to co-ordinate the whole process and obtain information with the members of the alumni association spread across different parts of the world.

Later, sometime in July 2009, Narayanan Sir enquired if it was possible to make this dream come true for the school. Without wasting further time, the required information was sent to Santosh Kanavalli Sir and Sreenivasan Sir. 

EasyLink India, web design consultants, who have been in the business of developing and hosting sites for educational institutions for more than 15 years, were approached in this regard. Their ideas and designs seemed really interesting and appealing. Without further delay, the sitemap was discussed with them and sent to the school. Thus started the development process of the school website.

The entire development and hosting of the site was funded by the Alumni members. This website is a gift to the school from Camaraderie in connection with the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the School.

We initiated the development of the HRS website in mid-September 2009. In the process of creating the website we also discovered a lot about the High Range School and it’s growth over the past 25 years. We also discovered that it’s students and alumni were a passionate lot that were extremely proud of their alma mater! The school management has been very supportive during the development of the website. Although we sent them a million requests for photos and content for the website pages, they patiently gathered everything and sent it to us on time! Working on the HRS website has been a very pleasant experience for our team and we hope to continue working with the school in the months and years to come.

Mr. Santosh Narayanan
CEO, Easylink India

The school logo that appears on the header of all pages of the site was designed from scratch by our ex-Art Teacher, Mr. Sasi Krishnan. Thanks a lot Sir for having taken time out of your busy schedule to patiently design the logo you had designed for the school 10 years ago once again!


First and foremost I would like to congratulate you both and your excellent team at Easylink for the fantastic job done with our school website. Right from it’s conception till date I could sense the 100% commitment to the task without compromising on the quality and design. I must especially make mention of Vinay’s contagious enthusiasm right throughout in enabling the compilation process and ensuring that deadlines were met. His presence during the inauguration is appreciated.
The school website is cool and represents the spirit of the school. The colour, design, content and links are appropriate and are of great value to all stakeholders at school. I have received positive feedback about the website stating that ‘it is truly amazing!’
A long cherished desire of the school was met when this website was launched by Mr Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Sons, in the presence of Mr and Mrs R K Krishnakumar. It was a proud moment for us at HRS. The future beckons and it is for us to gear up for this challenge to meet it head on!
My heartfelt gratitude to all at Easylink for making our dream come true!

Mr. Santosh Kanavalli
Principal, HRS

“Aim for the stars and may be you'll reach the sky”

This is how things happen in life and we feel happy about it.

But in the case of the HRS website the story wasn’t the same. We aimed for the stars and reached new galaxies. Sky was never the limit in this attempt of compiling all the data related to our school according to the logical and aesthetic norms of this electronic age.

The whole process of creating the website was like polishing and faceting the gem stone called The High Range School. The sincere support of the Principal, the Vice-Principal and the financial backing of the OSA helped the ambitious Vinay Prakash and Santosh Narayanan to come out with this sparkling diamond of catching cut, carat, clarity and colour.

It is heartening to note that the website in a record time of 3 months went live on 5th Nov 2009 with Mr. Ratan Tata launching it during the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the school. We thank Mr. Santosh Narayanan (CEO, Easylink), Mr. Vinay Prakash (TCS, Chennai) and the OSA for funding this project. They disproved the Thermodynamic law that “perfection is unattainable”.

As a Chemistry teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing this tangible technique of converting gold to platinum. I am sure that this site will flourish further to inspire and motivate our students too.

Kudos to the spirit of HRS.

Mr. M.V. Narayanan
Teacher, HRS


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