Message from ex-teachers
Asha Chandran Perinchery


When I walked into the environs of the High Range School with my 6 year old daughter on May 18th 1992, little did I realize what the school and the place would do to me as a professional and as a person in the years to come! As I write this note, nostalgic memories flood my being… the illustrious leaders under whom I worked, my former colleagues, the special days and assemblies, the Annual Days and the Sports Days, my dear students & the immense sense of satisfaction in classroom transactions, the professional growth I have had which enabled me to climb up ladders of success … the list is endless. Being the editor of the newsletter for over 9 years, which was initially cyclostyled & then gradually computer printed, was immensely gratifying. I am indeed proud to have been the founder member of the Old Students’ Association, Camaraderie. My students at the HRS have been of a rare breed too – they have kept in touch over the decades which make me feel special as an educator.

I still cherish fond reminiscences swathed in oodles of gratitude, for HRS has moulded my daughter, Aathira, into what she is today. The verdant landscape and beauty of nature that pervades the entire region, the wholesome interactions at school, the choicest activities especially being part of the WWF and Nature Club - all have had an indelible effect, making her a wildlife biologist!

May HRS always be the portal of learning that continues to have its meaningfully nurturing and delightfully positive impact on all those who enters its doors! Cheers to a very fine school, one that has empowered its students to embark on a life driven by meaning and joy!! Happy 25th birthday!!!

Asha Chandran Perinchery
(PGT English from 1992 – 2001)


Janaki Thiagarajan

I feel immense joy and great pride at this juncture when HRS is celebrating 25th annivarsary. I visualise the celebrations and vibes of achievement in the surrounding air when we will be celebrating our Golden, Diamond and Centenary years.

Thinking back I have mixed feelings having spent 20 plus busy years with day to day pleasures and problems of the school.

Now I feel like the proud old man who planted the saplings for the future generations to reap the fruits; like the young girl who made a difference to few if not all the starfish she threw in the sea from the sand.

Yes. I know while I taught my students languages, sciences and qualities to become good human beings with a good powerful mind, soul and body; I learnt from them lessons of life.

Wishing all who have been, who are, and who will be associated with this wonderful institution ALL THE VERY BEST.

We have even higher mountains to conquer...

Janaki Thiagarajan
(Teaching faculty - 1985-2006)

Bandana Bastani

I still remember I was newly married and was totally lost in Munnar when this opportunity to take up this project (New Gen) came my way. It definitely was what i needed as it wasn't my cup of tea to sit at home and enjoy the lavish lifestyle of being a tea planters wife.

I will always cherish those days and have fond memories of my association with HRS.

High Range School is one of its kind where we have children from different nuances and they are all so vulnerable and naive. It sure was challenging and i learnt a lot from all the teachers under the guidance of Mrs. Ramachandran and then Mr. Kanavalli.

But what completed my life there, were the children I was associated with. The unconditional love that I received from them is the treasure I cherish the most.

All of you are now grown, settled and so busy in whatever you are doing and yet we are all in touch and i sure do feel extremely proud to have been a part of your growing up days. The best reward received in my life has been remarks by some of you when you say I helped you achieve what you are today and whenever I hear this I have tears in my eyes.

May God Bless you all and all those associated with HRS, for they have made us what we are today. HRS has provided good education and opportunities to its students from Munnar which enables a student to be a complete person when they pass out and step into the competitive world.

Hope the HRS family grows and is always there doing what it does the best..prepare the new generation to make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race.

Bandana Bastani
(Former NewGen Teacher)
Senior Training Specialist
Dell International Services

Meena K. Swamy

Lost, in the stilly night
Ere slumber's chain has bound me
Fond memory brings the light
Of other days around me


I was enamored by my kind hearted colleagues and lovely students at HRS. The years I spent here were really memorable. I still remember the days spent on the HRS platform which inspired my teaching profession a lot. I could withstand all the obstacles that came my way. I could attain all these from HRS.


Meena K. Swamy
(Former Social Science Teacher)
Leeds School

Jaisymol Augustine

My Loving HRS!

Memory of You is the feeling that makes my mind bright
That makes my heart feel happy
and brings a glad smile on my lips
That comes with such warmth and lingers a while.....
So here's a wish from me, for you HRS
Hearty Congratulations!


Jaisymol Augustine
(Former Malayalam teacher)
Lecturer, Dept.of Malayalam
Assumption College ,Changanasserry

Bindu Nandkumar

I was teaching in HRS handling the first two batches of Commerce students. Really glad to see the website and the fact that the school has completed 25 years. It must have been a proud moment when Mr. Ratan Tata visited the school during the Silver Jubilee Celebrations. The website brought back a lot of memories to me. Looking forward to visiting HRS sometime in the near future.

Bindu Nandkumar
(Former Accountancy Teacher)
Indian School, Muscat


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