Maths lab

The CBSE introduced Maths lab in the schools to make the teaching and learning of Maths more activity based and experimentation oriented. It provides a joyful learning experience for the students as they get concrete learning experiences. They construct an in-depth understanding of the concepts taught in the class. The activities carried out in our Maths Lab tend to drive the Maths phobia out of the students. It helps the children to see the applications of Maths in their day-to-day activities. The lab activities help the teachers for continuous comprehensive evaluation of the students.

The Maths laboratory has brought much fun in the learning process of mathematics - a subject that once brought butterflies into the stomachs of many children. It has tools and equipments that helps in the easy understanding of various concepts. It enables the practical leaning of arithmetic concepts. Mathematic laboratory is a fun place to allows students learn the subject through charts and models that illustrate mathematical ideas and concepts and internalize the fundamentals through concrete situations. This encourages students to think, reason, and visualize things rather than just memorizing formulae.

A Math Corner has been introduced in front of the Math Lab to encourage students to solve challenging puzzles that are put up every week and the responses have been overwhelming.

A Puzzle Corner has also been introduced for the Primary school students to encourage hands on activities.  

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