Biology lab

Biology is a broad subject, to make the study of this complex subject exciting and fascinating our school is equipped with one of the most sophisticated laboratories. The biology lab is equipped with many facilities and features to aid the students learn and understand biology easily. The lab is very spacious and can accommodate more than 40 students at a time. It is equipped with a wide range of instruments beginning with the simplest tools like preserved specimen of organisms, slides, microscopes to the most sophisticated incubator. The incubator helps the students grow bacterial cells under sterile conditions and aids them investigate about a number of different organisms, and there are about 20 compound microscopes that enable the children to complete their experiments with ease. And also an overhead projector assists the teacher to display texts and diagrams that help the students grasp ideas easily and quickly, and the seating arrangement is made such that the presentation on the screen can be seen easily from any part of the lab. The laboratory makes the learning experience in school more interesting, enduring and fascinating.

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