HRS continues to maintain a healthy report card in the academic front. Every year there has been an increase in the high percentile scores secured by the board examinees and the overall results have been examplary. None of them have attended any coaching factories as it is customary or more appropriately a growing trend in the plains. These results are the outcome of the highly professional and focussed approach that the faculty adopts while coaching the board examinees. Full credit goes to them for their commitment and quality-driven strategies. The faculty works towards creating a genuine learning environment at school. 
In the fast changing educational scenario, constant upgrading of teacher's training is imperative in keeping abreast with the educational dynamics and reforms by the CBSE. To facilitate this, the faculty of HRS are on a constant CPD (Continuous Professional Development) programme. A highly specialised in-house training by EZ Vidya - Teach the EZ way series with modules on Brain Based Learning, Multiple Intelligences, Building Self-Esteem, the HOTS Class, Classroom management and Techno-pedagogy, has accelerated this continuous development.
Almost every teacher has undergone a refresher course or attended a subject specific workshop to enhance teaching strategies and deliver quality holistic curriculum at school. Weekly department meetings encourage team work and  team learning. 3 TQM teams at the Primary/Middle/Senior level constantly engage in productive deliberations towards improving the school culture. 
The school provides  accomodation to all the Teaching Staff in the Staff Quarters within the school campus.
The HRS faculty ensures they create classrooms that learn!


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