Kinder Garten

The passage of time in any school is felt when the LKG troupe marches in through the gates. The sobbing, loud shrieks and frightened faces herald the arrival of a new academic year, new beginning and proof that the cycle of life is moving forward. Yet the 26th LKG batch is exceptional to some extent. Unlike in the past 20 children were admitted from the worker’s category alone this year giving them a lot more representation. After the couple of days of initial anxiety and confusion the children have all settled down to business as usual with their “team leader” Mrs Flory Gomez.

Keeping with the school policy of encouraging greater involvement of parents in the education of their wards the KG section roped in Mrs Nimmy Sunil Kumar who ensured that the young ones had sweet, memorable early days in the school. Yummie mango milk shakes, milk buns, chocolate cakes etc prepared by her were thoroughly enjoyed by the tiny tots during the “Kids Delight Time” held early this month. “My Activity Day” by Infra Kiddies on 25th June gave the young ones another opportunity to showcase some of their budding talents.

With everyone’s attention shifting to the KG section we can expect fulfilled activity oriented early days at school for our tiny tots who will be one day the carriers of HRS name to the masses.

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