Parent Teacher Student Association

Parent Teacher Students Association (PTSA)

Constant interaction with the parents has been an indicator of the good rapport that exists between the school and the parent body. The quarterly feedback from the parent body has aided in implementing a balanced curriculum at school. The Open Houses and the PTA meetings have lively exchanges among the teachers and the parents. They have in turn provided feedback and improvements that have to be worked on.  

The Parent Teacher Association was formed in August 1992. The first committee meeting was held in the same year. The school later thought it would be more appropriate having some student representatives in the committee to discuss problems from their point of view. 

The structure of the PTA underwent a change in the year 1996, with the involvement of student representatives. It was decided to have the Head Boy and Head Girl as part of the Association, and from then it was christened as PTSA - Parent Teacher Students Association. The first meeting of the PTSA was conducted on 29th Sept, 2006.

Since then, the Parent Teacher Student Association of the school has been playing a vital role in the development of the school and addressing the problems of the students and parents likewise.

The office bearers and executive committee members for the year 2009-2010 are as follows:

Mr. Haris Rehman M.A.  – PTSA President
Mr. Abraham Mathew – Manager, KDHPCL
Mr. Parijat Mahanta – Manager, Engineering Department, KDHPCL
Mr. Krishnamoorthy – Section Officer, Nyamakad Estate
Mr. Sunny George – Welfare Officer, KDHPCL
Mr. M.A.K.Jailanie – Section Officer, Letchmi Estate, KDHPCL
Mr. Ramkumar – Management Asst. KDHP House
Mrs. Freeda Magesh – Staff Nurse, Tata Global Beverages Ltd. G.H
Mrs. Reeta Mathew – Attendant, Tata Global Beverages Ltd.,    G.H.
 Mr. Antony Samy – Field Watchman, Madupatty Estate, KDHPCL
Mr. Thirumurugan  – Worker, Periakanal Estate
Mrs. Suma Satheesh, Teacher, HRS
Mr. M.V.Narayanan, Teacher, HRS
Aesumon Sunny George – Head Boy
Sreelaksmi Bala – Head Girl


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