Staff Club

HRS Staff Club

HRS Staff Club is a vibrant body, consisting of the school faculty and the office staff. The club celebrates Birthdays of the colleagues, cherishes the special moments in the life of its members and creates space for developing harmonious relations among the members in and out of school.

The office bearers for the club are selected by the staff unanimously. For the academic year 2013-2014 the club is led by the following members.

 Staff Member
 Mr.Shins Mathew  President
 Mrs. Carmel Mary
 Mrs.Anika Singh Treasurer


The teachers had their day out in the sports ground with the school council members as the referees and scorers for the various sporting events and the school students as cheer leaders and audience. The teaching staff put up a good example of team spirit, and camaraderie in the sports ground. It was a potpourri of sporting events-marathon race, 100m&50m race, relay, ulta race, shot put, badminton and chess.


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