Sarvesh Naidu's Message


Dear HRians,

"The education of most value is that which draws out the faculties of a student so as to enable him or her to solve the problems of life" - Mahatma Gandhi

In a country like India:

  • The tradition of the Gurukul System of Learning goes back to thousands of years
  • Education has always been a top priority in most families for decades now
  • Schools already exist in all dimensions, sizes, locations, spectrums and diversity
  • Every possible major curriculum and format of learning and every major world religion co-exists here
  • Society is richly steeped in culture, heritage, history, traditions and past customs and yet dynamic enough to evolve and change
  • Bilingualism and multilingualism occurs ever so naturally
  • Literacy has moved from approximately 11% to almost 70% since Independence

Being already in such a dynamic environs then,in the most literate state, why did Tata Tea need to create a High Range School tucked away in the sylvan hills of Matupatti, Kerala?

Perhaps, because as an anonymous saying goes: "If a ship is in the harbour, that is good. But, is the harbour where the ship should really be?"

It goes to the credit and vision of the Management of Tata Tea that it didn’t drop the anchor of complacency but kept sailing according to the needs through challenges. That is how we strive to match world class expertise in every field. It is said in the Bhagavad Gita, "Sa vidhya ya vimukhthaye" (Education is that which liberates). Perhaps, it is our pride as a nation in valuing not just our freedom but also our liberated minds and intellect that has kept the evolution going. What High Range School has achieved is taken its scholars (sailors) to every shore of the world, in every field, and used the medium of quality education to liberate the High Rangers into realms of dreams and achievements definitely unimaginable till even the early 90’s.

Sometime ago a delightful piece of writing by William J Crocket deeply influenced my way of looking at student needs in the current era: In it he asks if this is not A PEOPLE PLACE, where tears are understood, spirits can take wing, feelings can be heard, where one is accepted as one is, then where else can one be, just oneself?

For me, Mr. R. K. KrishnaKumar, as a persona, as a visionary (Then MD, now Vice-Chairman of Tata Tea ) reflected the above sentiments best, as well as the insight below:

In the successful creation of HRS, The Four Ways of Knowing:

  • Sensing: step-wise procedure , concreteness in using the five senses (perceiving Facts)
  • Intuition: perceiving through insight, abstraction from the gut-feeling (the Big Picture, the larger vision)
  • Thinking: logic, objectivity, the rational side (The judgement of the Mind)
  • Feeling: emotions, spontaneity, the human connection (the judgement through the "heart")

have all been carefully blended into a matrix to bring out the best in each individual which, in turn, gives that individual the liberated feeling; the sense of acquiring life-long learning and the confidence to stand upright at each stage in perception and judgement - between Thinking and Feeling – the need to deviate from the saturated IQ (Intelligence Quotient) Mind to an unfathomable need for feeding the Heart through EQ (Emotional Quotient or EI – Emotional Intelligence).

For experts say that future needs for success in life will probably require a ratio of 20% IQ and 80% EQ development, stressing that personality development is more EQ dependent. Furthermore, experts say that by 2025, 70% of the current job profiles may become redundant and we don’t really know what the new profiles are going to look like. Focusing on developing balanced future leaders, adept at adjusting, will be a key to success. We, at HRS, were ahead of the times.

Yes, I feel proud that I was there as the Principal when it was all happening with the first batch graduating from School in the early 1990’s. I came from Italy in 1991 to join the dream of the House of Tatas; I came because I saw the potential in HRS to create dreams – and fulfil them.

Hrians, we learnt to balance the IQ and the EQ. We created balanced leaders. You, are the proud future leaders. Go ahead. Show the way!

My wife Dr. Pathma Naidu, who besides being a Doctor at Matupatti, assisted with so many cultural events in School, and my daughter, Shamini, who’s foundation about life-long learning started at HRS, join me in wishing HRS the very best for completing 25 years with many more to come.

Dr. Sarvesh Naidu
School Director
Pathways World School, Gurgaon

October, 2009

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