A typical day at HRS
  As students of HRS, our happiest moments are those we spend at HRS. Our day starts with our anxious wait for the school bus which takes us to our paradise. As soon as we reach school, the smiling faces of our teachers and our friends greet us and we feel the warmth of our home away from home!
At 9.15 a.m, we all assemble at our majestic Auditorium where we invoke the blessing of God Almighty and sing our School Anthem, led by the head of our family, our Principal, Mr. Santosh Kanavalli. We, then, pledge to love our countrymen, to respect our elders and to shower our devotion to our motherland. Every assembly is an enriching experience of thought sharing and power point presentations on various topics.  
  The learning sessions start from then, and our teachers impart not only knowledge, but also, values and virtues, as per their vision to take the school to great heights.
Our school, being interested in our all round development, involves us in various Co-Curricular Activities which are spread out for the whole year. We enjoy dancing, singing, delivering speeches, debating, arguing in open-forums and putting on masks.  
  An efficient Prefects Council guides us in our day to day school activities.
The last hour at school is the most cherished time when we prepare ourselves for sports and games and club activities with our teachers.  
  As the last bell rings, we rush to the buses with mixed feelings of ‘to go or not to go’. We reluctantly leave the portals of HRS, looking forward to yet another exciting day with the HRS family!
As long as we live HRS remains the best!
School Timings
PERIOD Timing (Monday-Friday)
1st Period 0920 -  0955
2nd Period 0955 - 1030
3rd Period 1030 - 1105
Break 1105 - 1115  
4th Period 1115 - 1150
5th Period 1150 - 1220
Lunch Break 1220 - 1245
6th Period 1245 - 1315
7th Period 1315 - 1345 
8th Period 1345 -  1415
Break 1415 -  1425
9th Period 1425 -  1455
Zero Hour 1455 -  1555
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