message from the principal and Vice principal

  • Having joined the HRS team recently, I set my focus and priorities for ‘The Classroom First Strategy’. Matters related to learning, teaching and co-curricular issues will be at the top of the list of priorities.
  • 'No Children Left Behind’, will be the mantra, the curriculum and school system will be reoriented to derive the best ‘treasure within’. Children at risk and children with gift will be exposed to programmes for the best advantage and to cope up with challenges.
  • Change is constant. The digital revolution is changing everything: a brilliant barrage of information. Today’s education should prepare students for life to cope up with the needs of the 21st century.
  • The school will continue to foster knowledge, understanding, application and skills in children. In this endeavor, if innovations and novel ideas are the pathways, then the students of HRS will have an assured place in all their future endeavors.
  • Mr. Ravichandran Halasyam (Principal)

  • I joined the school as a teacher when HRS was a small child of just 8 years and I have seen its growth - from teenage to adolescence - transforming itself into a true reflector of Quality Education in this plantation district. Today, at the cusp of a major milestone - the glorious long innings of 25 years - I recollect with sincere gratitude the unflagging support of Tata Tea Management for the steady growth of the school. At this juncture, yet another golden feather is being added to the cap of HRS - website sponsored by our beloved old students. This added asset will give us the impetus to accomplish our dream of integration of HRS Community, especially in this age of Knowledge / Learning Revolution.
  • My best wishes for its continued growth and success.
  • K. Sreenivasan (Vice Principal)

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