message from the principal and Vice principal

  • The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
    -Arthur C Charles
  • Principal
  • Schools are the melting pot of new ideas, dreams and actions. In the cradle of the educational institutions, new hopes, new possibilities take shape. Schools have to take on the responsibilities of helping children dream and venture beyond the impossible frontiers. Schools have to make the students future ready.
  • As the Principal of this unique institution, I will always be governed by the insightful perspectives of stalwarts like Mr. Ratan Tata, Mr. R.K.Krishnakumar and Mr. Harish Bhat. I think of the ‘Tata Way’ of looking at life and work.
  • It’s belief in being ‘Purposive, Pioneering, Principled and not perfect’, will always lead the way for The High Rangers. Here, as we are committed to the pursuit of giving quality education to the children of Plantation workers and managers, we will leave no stone unturned in bringing to them the best of educational practices.
  • It would be our way of shouldering the social responsibility, which cannot be measured in terms of profit or loss. The social responsibility of providing quality education with equity.
  • In the green environs of this rustic town, many first generation learners have come to The High Range School smiling, smartly clad in their uniforms with school bags dangling by their sides. They would hope for a brighter future which equips them with the capacity to make informed decisions and lead a purposive life.
  • It would be my endeavor to ensure that The High Range School produces outstanding students with responsible traits of citizenship and fortitude to lead the country with gutso.
  • As Anstotle said that ‘quality is not an act. It is a habit’. So it should be visible in all our plans and expressed in all our actions. Remembering the words of J.R.D.Tata, I hereby conclude:-

  • “One must forever strive for excellence, or even perfection in any task, however small, and never be satisfied with the second best”.
  • MRS. POOJA BOSE(Principal)

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